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I know what your probably thinking. What Is Fapless Living?

Fapless living is the one blog that helps porn addicts and users understand the problems they have from obsessive pornography viewing. Here we talk about many different topics but we focus on the why you became an addict and what you can do to break free

Topics discussed  range from:

  • Loneliness

  • Anxiety

  • Guilt

  • Loss of Attraction to lover (girlfriend, spouse)

  • Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Most importantly we help equip readers with the tools needed to finally recover from porn addiction once and for all.


What sets us apart?

We focus on porn users who have centered their sexual lives exclusively on porn. Here at fapless living we work to empower young men to quit porn and enjoy the pleasures of sex in real life. We believe this can be achieved through a more uplifting, relatable and proven process. Here at Fapless Living we will continue to empower porn addicts everywhere to fully Recover!

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