Are Pics As Bad As Flicks?

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It was fall of 2014. I was well aware of my porn addiction at this point in my life. Overtime I gained more knowledge about the damaging effects porn had on me. Years of porn obsession had taken a heavy toll on me. However, unlike in the past I took action, so I started a reboot. I made sure I wouldn’t watch any porn videos or view any explicit pics of porn stars. Then something random happened. I was in a extensive search on the millions of pages on Instagram when I noticed this girl. Wow was she gorgeous. Her silky blond hair was memorizing as well as that slim smooth physique she had. But the most important feature on her was her amazing pair of knockers and she an ass great to look at.

Now Instagram was an interesting place for me. The amount of gorgeous, beautiful women was unparalleled. However, this girl had something about her that the hundreds of other models couldn’t compete with. On top of that she posted tons of pics exposing her goddess like body and I had the pleasure of finding her seemingly out of the blue. She was such a pleasurable site to look at I became overwhelmed. My brain gave me warnings. “No you idiot! Don’t do It! your trying to recover and she is bad for you!” However, I convinced it that her pics were different from the explicit videos I used to watch on the daily. After a short but intense battle I faped of to her. I thought to myself I would be fine. Shes a real girl who just posted hot pics on Instagram. No harm was being done. What could possibly go wrong?

No difference from before

Well let me tell you it went very, very wrong. As I had done plenty of times in the past I developed an obsession for this girl. Just like ever other guy, I was hooked to every pic she posted. Boy did she know it too. She loved the attention other guys and I gave her the instant she posted a new sexual pic. One time she recorded a video of her bouncing up and down letting her tits jiggle to my penises delight. It was so amazing that I would follow suit by jerking off to her. However, while I was in this habit for a few months I noticed still had drawbacks similar to the pornographic videos and images. Although the platform looked different the process was just the same. I got the same effects from porn as before. There was always a depression whenever I wasn’t watching it. I remained isolated from my friends and family. Nothing was changing and I realized It was because of my Instagram chickInstagram Is Still Bad

If you were unaware, as an addict,  your brain releases dopamine whenever you ejaculate. So overtime your dopamine receptors in your brain become wired to a porn stimulant. It doesn’t matter whether you watch videos, pics, hentai, Instagram girls or real life people. If you’re a fap addict your brain will be stimulated the same way as when you watch a video at xvideos. Maybe in the future some bad ass scientist will invent a machine that can remove memories from your brain. However until then, tough shit. It’s similar to if you play a sport. If you have constantly trained and practiced for hours with enough time you’ll be a master at it. You can take a prolonged time and never pick up a ball but when you return your going to remember how to play.

Un-mastering Porn

Personally I’m a porn master. If there was a dojo specifically teaching people how to watch porn I would be the headmaster. I’m an expert at that shit. But i’m also an expert at its sick effects. If you have taken the challenge and are on a journey to a fapless life you must remember to watch out. Remember how your dopamine receptors work and instead of substituting flicks for pics, cut it all out completely. (That is why in my last blog I highly recommend you get off social media for awhile, at least until you finally recover. I deleted that shit countless times for this exact reason.) You will have to overcome some crazy obstacles along the way as you reverse the effects porn gives you. Just remember If you want to quit porn completely avoid all of it. And for the love of god don’t watch hentai. 😉

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