PIED: The Silent Epidemic

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A Growing Epidemic

PIED can be very stressful. That's why you should be aware of what it is and how it affects you
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In many first world countries there is a silent epidemic affecting young men. What kind of epidemic you might ask? It’s not the common problems most people assume young men have. It’s not the problems of being lazy stoners or  financially unstable still living with their parents. Some would assume the problem that many men are becoming consumed by the ‘Fuckboy’ epidemic, (wherever that came from). However, what most people don’t picture a strong fit young man dealing with is PIED ( Porn- Induced Erectile Dysfunction).

Yes, I said Erectile Dysfunction. In 2017 there are thousands of young men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. You may ask “how is this physically possible?”  Most people assume erectile dysfunction is something that normally only happens to older men in their 50’s and 60’s on up. Everyone has that common image of their physically declining grandpa or uncle who is years beyond his sexual prime. Grandpa may be nice but he  isn’t having much sex due to ED caused by lower testosterone levels. On the contrary, someone wouldn’t expect to hear that a twenty year old guy can’t get his penis up in the bedroom. In fact, shouldn’t the opposite be happening? Young guys should be having sex like rabbits right?Young men should be having sex like rabbits, not dealing with PIED everytime they want to have sex

Porn Addiction strikes again

That’s where our old friend porn comes in. As most of you already know by now, excessive porn viewing has many bad effects. As a guy becomes more consumed in daily porn viewing the  more his brain becomes wired to seeking pleasure from nude pics or kinky flicks. Overtime, after years and years of intense jerk off sessions the young man only knows one form of sexual pleasure. That sexual pleasure coming from him having naughty sex with his gorgeous neighbor.


He only knows sexual pleasure from the hundreds of hot,yet artificial girls he watches on his phone every night. Let’s say the lad is a rare exception out of the millions of porn addicts across the globe. He regularly talks to women and often times brings women home. Nonetheless, even if he was to have a girl lying naked in his bed his penis isn’t going to respond. From his brain’s perspective the girl is a foreign entity that doesn’t provide it any stimulation. It may sound crazy but it’s an up and coming epidemic that’s getting worse each year. As porn continues to become more popular and more easily accessible the amount of guys affected by this will continue to grow.

What Is PIED?

On the contrary to physical ED, Porn induced ED is 100% mental. The reason why it’s all mental is due to the fact that every guy who deals with PIED can get an erection when watching porn. A guy’s penis will have no problem getting hard watching Lisa Ann on his laptop, but when it comes to a girl in real life his penis getting an erection is as hard as Donald trump not telling a lie. It simply wont happen!. His penis is on a mini vacation every time a girl comes around.

I personally have dealt with this in the past and believe me this shit sucks. It’s every young man’s worst nightmare.Not only does PIED kill many potential sexual encounters but it also can severely hamper a guy’s confidence and self-esteem. Imagine you’re in a guy’s position who has PIED. LEt’s say you have worked extremely hard to get better with women. You’ve put on lean muscle. You’ve found a few killer outfits at the mall and even met a mentor teaching you how to get good with the ladies. One day you and your buddies go out to a local bar in town. Throughout the wild night you connect with a girl and one thing leads to another and she’s naked in your bed. Your super pumped up in the moment believing your about to have a fantastic night when all of a sudden… your penis can’t get hard. It’s devastating and unfortunately it something hundreds of thousands of guys deal with daily.

A cause for concern

If after reading this blog you’re still not convinced at how bad PIED is let me go over the major consequences:PIED can cause make you unable to perform one of the most pleasurable acts of life

  1. Your sexual confidence goes down the drain; You are unable to perform the most pleasurable act know to mankind.
  2. You will view yourself as less of a man.
  3. Often times you will lie to family, friends or future girlfriends about your situation
  4. Any lady who is expecting sex from you will be extremely disappointed and repulsed

Having dealt with all four of those factors myself I know how bad PIED is psychologically on a guy. However, it motivated me that much more to end my addiction. The loneliness and guilt were bad enough on their own but this was icing on the cake. So if you are someone who struggles with PIED hopefully this is added fuel to the fire for your recovery. Even if you are lucky and don’t have to deal with it, don’t continue this habit and let your addiction come to this point Trust me, no amount of instant gratification from porn will feel better than years of struggling with erectile dysfunction. Besides, you would much rather have sex with a real woman than your hand. However, if you feel differently be my guest and keep jerking it off. Just don’t complain when your a 20 or 30 year old man and you cant get it up in bed…


Till next time, brandon


[In a future installment I’ll share with you some strategies I and thousands of other guys used to help reverse PIED. :)]